Yume Twins – July box, unboxed!

This is an exciting but sad post: exciting because I’m unboxing the July Yume Twins box (better late than never)! But sad because I only signed up for a 3-month subscription and have decided not to renew it… I’ve loved every little piece of kawaii that’s surprised me in the May box and the June box so far, but unfortunately I’m supposed to be a grown up and do grown up things – which means enjoying spending money from time to time, but also saving it too… *Boo!*

Anyway, that’s enough whinging… Let’s get back to the fun stuff! The July Yume Twins box actually arrived ages ago, and I’ve been itching to open it – but I didn’t want to do it with out you…


I always love opening the Yume Twins box – not just to see what’s inside, but because I love the cute mini magazine that’s always included. And this one was especially nice because, while I’m sitting here in a jumper, long jeans and ugg boots in the middle of an Australian winter, over in Japan (i.e. the land of kawaii) they’re in the middle of summer! *sigh* I can’t wait until summer… But until then, I’ll just look longingly at the front cover of this mini mag…


Once I remove the mini magazine, my eyes are immediately drawn to the giant plushie *eee*! But I refrain and decide to go through the smaller items first…


So, onto the colourful box.  It’s a ‘blind box’! That’s means there are a number of possible things inside, but you don’t know which one it is until you open it! I’ve always disliked these types of boxes – purely because I like to know what’s inside, particularly if I’m collecting things. I don’t want to waste time and money on something I don’t know! Which sounds ridiculous seeing as I signed up 3-months worth of mystery boxes… But that’s different. I’m happy to receive surprise gifts if they’re just random and cute – but if I’m collecting a series of things I need to know that I’m getting the items that I’m missing, not duplicates…

Anyway, this mystery box is from a Re-Ment series called ‘best of Japanese food and culture’. Now I’m not 100% sure what this is, but it looks like Japanese curry with a miso soup bowl and something Hello Kitty… Anything Hello Kitty is fine with me! Plus there was a yummy piece of chewing gum!


The next dreamy little box is slightly more practical – it’s a box of band aids! And they’re oh so pretty… Is it OK to stick a band aid on, even if you don’t need it?


Finally I pull out the blue and green, Disney squishy ‘Potemochi’ plushie. Apparently potteri means ‘plump’ and mocchiri describes a ‘soft glutinous texture’ *lol!* I guess that does makes sense though – it is super plump and very soft. This one is 1 of 5 and I was lucky enough to get Alien from Toy Story, one of my favourite Disney Pixar movies! *winning!*


Next is a pack of limited edition Sailor Moon playing cards to celebrate their 20th anniversary. And aren’t they just the most glorious playing cards you’ve ever seen?!


My favourite ones are the cards of diamonds, as the girls show off their powers…


And the last item in the box is the most random one of all, but just as practical as the band aids: a My Melody travel dental kit! The description in the mini mag says, “Say goodbye to boring hotel dental travel kits and say hello to this cute My Melody dental kit that you’ll want to take with you on all your summer travels this year! Well, I’m not sure that I’ve ever said hello to a hotel dental travel kit – I really like using my own toothbrush… But this *is* a pretty cute one and I think it’ll fit perfectly in my handbag for emergencies!


So, there you have it – another Yume Twins box, unboxed! My last one this time around… But that’s not to say there won’t be future unboxings of other types *wink wink*. After all that stuff I said at the beginning of this post about being a grown up, I’ve already lined up a different mystery box for us to explore together next week! *Yay!*



Have you ever subscribed to a box like this? Do you have any suggestions for future mystery boxes for me to subscribe to next time? Leave your suggestions in the comments section, below! Pixel Heart

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