Crochet hack: no-tangle-earphones

Don’t you hate it when your earphones get tangled up in your bag?! No matter how well you wrap them up and careful place them, they tangle… Sometimes I feel like they’re laughing at me: *mwahahaha*

Ok, maybe it’s not that bad, but it sure is annoying!

Well, not anymore with this super simple, super quick crochet hack: crocheting around the cord of your earphoness! *angel chorus*

**Disclaimer: do not attempt this hack with broken or frayed earphone cords: it may pose a fire risk. If you crochet around a perfectly fine earphone cord that later becomes broken or frayed, please remove the yarn immediately! Or better yet, buy some new earphones!**

This hack is guaranteed to stop your earphoness tangling AND prevent earphone theft! After all, there’s no way that your siblings can say the earphones they’re using are theirs when you know yours specifically has bright blue and green yarn wrapped around it!

And it takes no time at all, 10 minutes max. Check it out…

What you’ll need:

  • Earphones (untangle them first!)
  • 8-ply or thinner yarn of your chosen colour
  • 4mm hook (depending on the yarn you choose – check out my handy Recommended Hook & Yarn Combination Chart here for help deciding which hook size to use)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn / tapestry needle

Step 1.

Make a slip knot on your hook. Check out my previous post if you need a refresher on How to create a slip knot.

Starting near the earphone jack, slip the earphone cord between the hook and yarn.

‘Yarn over’ (i.e. wrap the yarn under and around the hook) and hook the yarn.

Pull the yarn through the loop on your hook to create a slip stitch and to secure the yarn around the earphone cord.

Step 3.

Ensure the free yarn is crocheted around with the earphone cord. Keep them parallel. That way you don’t have to sew it in later!

Now, you’re going to imagine that the ‘stitch’ you’re ‘working into’ is underneath the earphone cord. Move your hook under and behind the earphone cord (and the free yarn).

‘Yarn over’ and hook the yarn. Pull it back under the earphone cord (and the free yarn). You will now have 2 loops on your hook.

‘Yarn over’ and hook the yarn again. Pull it through both loops on your hook. You’ve just created a single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK)! *Go you!*

Step 4.

Repeat step 3 until you reach the point where the cord splits for each of the earbuds.

The more stitches you fit along the cord, the stiffer it will be.

For more help with the single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK), check out my last post here…

Step 5.

‘Yarn over’ and hook the yarn.

Pull the yarn through the loop on your hook to create a chain.

Cut the yarn a few inches away from the hook, and pull the yarn all the way through the loop to tie it off.

Step 6.

Thread the yarn / tapestry need with the yarn.

Thread the needle in between the single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK) stitches and the earphone cord for a couple of inches.

Cut the yarn that’s sticking out from the stitches, as close to the stitches as possible.


Congratulations! You’ve just given your earphones a brand new look. No more tangled, stolen earphone mess for you!

You can also follow these instructions to crochet around each left and right earbud cord if you like – but I’ve decided to leave mine like this:

Do you know of any other crochet hacks? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll write an instructional post about it! Happy crocheting Pixel Heart

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