The giraffe who lost his spots

My mum is always sending me photos of super cute crochet things, either to make for her or to make for her to give to others. I love it as I often get caught up in writing my own patterns (and now blogging) that I sometimes miss out on seeing the latest crochet craze – so it’s nice that she quite happily does my research for me, haha!

Back in April, 2015, she sent me a photo of the cutest crochet giraffe I’d ever seen! Mind you, I’d only been crocheting for 3 months by that stage, so it was probably the only crochet giraffe I’d ever taken notice of…

Introducing this beautiful *free* pattern by Emma at I Love Buttons: the stripey giraffe.

This image has been taken straight from Emma’s blog site: I Love Buttons

Since then, I’ve made quite a few of these little guys. The first one was for my cousin’s newborn boy (along with some baby booties, a summer hat, and some drool bibs), which were all beautifully received…

My super cute cousin, Jack!

After that I had quite a few enquires, and made two at once at one point! I’ve lost count of how many I’ve made… It definitely hasn’t been hundreds – maybe, more than 5? Haha.


I definitely recommend this pattern to beginners looking to move to the next level… It’s not difficult, but it’s challenging enough to keep you interested. The pattern is already well written – but if anyone is interested in a photo tutorial, I’d be happy to provide one in the future.

And the colour options are endless! Don’t be put off my the many colour changes in the original ‘stripe’ design – Emma made one in mostly green too, which looks super cute! Or checkout Needle Noodles tutorial: jogless stripes if you want to work on your colour change technique.

This little guy looks great multi coloured *and* single coloured!

I’m just terrible at figuring out colour combo of my own, so I often copy the original designer and the colours they’ve used…

Oh boy, Arnie needs a haircut…!

I know, especially as a beginner, that amigurumi (plushie crochet toys) can look super daunting to make. But crocheting all the parts is easier than it looks.

I agree, though, that sewing them together to make something recognisable is definitely the tricky part… So here are some blog posts that might be helpful for you:

Wait… What’s amigurumi?

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. The word ‘amigurumi’ is a combination of the word ‘ami‘ meaning crocheted or knitted, and ‘nuigurumi‘ meaning stuffed doll.

Thanks Wikipedia!

Ready for his new home…


Have you ever tried crocheting toys? What has been your favourite plushie you’ve made so far? Feel free to boast in the comments below! Happy crocheting! Pixel Heart

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