Yume Twins – May box, unboxed!

This time two weeks ago, I received my first Yume Twins box! I was super excited, but I was also kinda bummed because it was the June box, which meant my May box had gone missing…

Well, I’m so so happy to say that the May box finally arrived! And there were some pretty kawaii things inside!

As always, you’re first greeted by this months’ mini magazine which gives you some background as to what’s in the box. Although I only open this *after* I’ve gone through the box as I like to keep it a surprise…

Next I notice a big fur ball taking up most of the box… It turns out to be a cute cat pencil case! And I’ve received one of 15 possible Amuse Tsuchineko Plush Pouches.

Hiding under the cat I see Tsum Tsums! I love Tsum Tsums. But who doesn’t!? Tsum Tsum plushies became big here in Australia in about 2015. They’re oval / rectangular versions of Disney characters. Sounds weird, right? Well they kind of are – but for some reason everyone loves them! And I’m now the proud owner of a cute plastic coin purse with a Disney Tsum Tsum design.

Apparently the name Tsum Tsum comes from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning ‘to stack’, because the toys are shaped like rectangles and are designed to stack on top of each other… Thanks Wikipedia!

Out of the corner of my eye I see a little yellow ball. It’s another cat plushy! (People are going to think I’m a crazy cat lady soon…) The Yume Twins magazine tells me it’s a Silvia and Silvester mascot keychain, and this little guy is one of six.

Now this is someone I recognise: it’s Komasan from Yo-kai Watch! But you know what the craziest thing is? I only started watching Yo-kai Watch on Netflix last Monday! Creepy…

Komasan is an ice cream-loving cat Yo-kai from the countryside. After his shrine was demolished, he wandered into the city in search of soft serve ice cream.

But that’s not even as creepy as the show itself, haha. I expected it to be something like Pokemon, and it kind of is – the main character, Nate, goes around collecting Yo-kai (i.e. spirit monsters)… But the rest of the story and characters are nothing short of bizarre (because Pokemon makes complete sense and all…)

Firstly, Nate finds his first Yo-kai in a magical vending machine in the middle of the forest while he was searching for beetles.

Secondly, most Yo-kai seem to embody a feeling, emotion or action – so if they’re hanging around you they will make you feel happy or sad or competitive etc, depending on their personality. While others are literally spirits of people or animals who have passed away but are still hanging out on Earth. (Manjimutt is definitely the creepiest one I’ve seen so far in the series…)

Thirdly, Nate is the only one who can see the Yo-kai because of a special watch he was given in the first episode – hence ‘Yo-kai Watch’ I guess. But I don’t understand how he could see the first Yo-kai in the beginning?

And the list goes on… But some how, like so many glorious Japanese inventions, it’s terribly addictive at the same time!

Manjimutt used to be an average businessman but he lost his job due to budget cuts. He went out drinking to drown his sorrows; but, while he was dancing drunk on the street, he accidentally bumped into a pile of wood planks. At the same time, a brown toy poodle came over and the heavy planks fell on both of them, merging the two together into a Manjimutt spirit.

And last, but not least, is a super kawaii drink bottle. Again, cat themed… But kawaii all the same! It’s a good sized 500mL tumbler that can supposedly withstand liquid up to 100°C?? I’m not sure if I’m game enough to try that out though…

And there you have it! The Yume Twins May box, unboxed. Full of magical, kawaii, feline goodness!

Have you ever subscribed to a box like this? Maybe a treats box, beauty box, sock box…? Did it live up to your expectations? Let’s chat in the comments section, below! Pixel Heart

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