Yume Twins – June box, unboxed!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh… It arrived! My first Yume Twins box!

I’m not necessarily your stereotypical ‘geek’, you see. I enjoy all the Marvel and DC movies and grew up playing Pokemon – but in reality, my little brother helps keep me across all the true geek news. In actual fact, I’m a HUGE fan of Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, My Melody… Basically anything *kawaii* (i.e. cute) and Japanese! So when I saw an ad on Facebook for the Yume Twins box, I just knew I HAD to subscribe!

I really wanted to sign up for 12 months, but the stupid Australian dollar is so bad at the moment, it would’ve cost me over $400… And not knowing if I’d like what was in the box (although I had a fair idea that I would), I decided to just go with a 3-month subscription instead (and keep my marriage too, haha).

I signed up at the end of April and was supposed to receive a box in May, but it hasn’t arrived. I live in an apartment block so I *really* hope it wasn’t just left out the front by the mailman and someone else decided to take it home… Either way, I’ve emailed Tokyo Treat (who own Yume Twins) and asked them if they ever sent it in the first place. I hope I hear back soon!

Yes, yes, that’s all great… But what was in the box!?

Firstly, I’m all for beautiful packaging (I always try and package my sold crochet items in pretty gift bags), so the bright purple box with the Yume Twins logo and all the stars drew me in right away!

And when I carefully opened it, I was greeted by a super happy, super bright little magazine. *Happy birthday, Yume Twins!* This little magazine tells you a bit about Yume Twins boxes in general, but gives great info about each item chosen for this month’s box – which is especially helpful if you’re not familiar with a particular character or can’t read the Japanese labels…

Even the inside of the box is beautiful! *sigh*

Next, my eyes are instantly drawn to a big, brown, fluffy plushy. I have no idea what or who it is at the time except that the label says it’s a baby monkey of some sort – but, thanks to the magazine, I find out that it’s a Shinada Baby Nature Large Plush, and that it’s 1 of 14 possible plushies that could be found in this month’s box.

The second thing that catches my eye is this tiny, yellow egg… Wait… That’s no egg… That’s a cat inside a banana peel! This tiny little face looks strangely familiar but, with the label all in Japanese, I’m not 100% sure what I’m looking at here. So I consult the magazine and find out that it’s actually a Bananyan Mini-Mascot! And the description literally says, “We’re in love with these half feline, half banana characters…” *Brilliant!* I’m totally in love with them too, and am now the proud owner of 1 of 5 Bananyan cats.

The next time I dip my hand inside this box of magic, I pull out a giant paper clip with a sashimi cat (?) on the top! The magazine tells me that these are characters from the Sumikko Gurashi family, and that my sashimi cat is 1 of 4 different characters. I’m totally going to use him as a bookmark!

Then I spot My Melody’s beautiful little face… And it’s on a mini bowl! This is 1 of 8 designs and is particularly exciting for me as I finally know these kawaii characters without having to consult the magazine! The other possible designs included Rilakkuma and his little friends (Kolirakkuma and Kiiroitori), Doraemon and Gudetama.

Lastly, I pull out this weird, flat package… But instantly I know what it is! (That’s what I love about Japanese packaging – so often you can tell what it is, or have a pretty good guess, just from the pictures and random English words) They’re edible picture sheets that you put on top of your coffee or hot chocolate! The Japanese never fail to amaze…

And of course, the inside of the box is covered in unicorns and love hearts and teapots and stars… I don’t think I can ever throw this box away…!

So, there you have it. My first Yume Twins box, unboxed! Like I said, I’m hoping to find out what happened to my May box… But I’m super excited for July’s box now, and will be sure to share it with you!

Have you ever subscribed to a box like this? Maybe a treats box, beauty box, sock box…? Did it live up to your expectations? Let’s chat in the comments section, below! Pixel Heart

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