Let the creative juices flow

I’m a creative soul. I always have been. Right from when I was a very small child: my Mum tells the story of how she discovered me having written my name for the first time… On the wall… Using my rocking horse!? To this day, none of us can understand how I did it. But I certainly am a creative soul!

I think my passion for creativity is partly just in my nature, but it was definitely nurtured by my Mum. She’s super creative and has a huge heart for hospitality! I remember her encouraging me to colour-in (through which I won many-a colouring-in-competition at the local library) and draw / sketch (I actually attended drawing lessons for a while in my much younger years), making costumes for special themed school days (usually out of whatever she could find at home, and always turning it into something amazing), managing the huge craft stall at the school fete (as well as contributing to it by making beautiful teddy bears)…

As a typical primary-school-kid, I only told my mum about the Book Week ‘Carnival’ themed dress up day, late the night before… After all the shops were closed… So my amazing Mum made this costume out of whatever we already had a home, in a matter of hours!

Because of this, I ended up being that child who actually liked doing assignments at school – I enjoyed the research and learning, but I *loved* decorating the final work! Obviously I was in primary school before computers were commonly used (I still remember each of us being allocated 20mins or so a week of ‘computer time’ during class! It was one of the times that we all looked forward to the most) – so pictures, borders and pretty title fonts were largely done by hand. But that was ok; it was my favourite part!

Then in high school, my favourite classes were always the creative ones where I could use my brain *and*  my hands – Art, IPT (i.e. computer stuff), Design & Technology… Actually, D&T was definitely my favourite class out of every class I ever attended during high school. It was an opportunity to learn so many new skills like sewing, wood work, metal work, plastic molding. So many of the skills I learned in D&T, I wanted to keep practicing at home – especially sewing. And because my mum was an avid sewer (she used to make all of my younger brother’s and my clothes), I had access to a pretty decent sewing machine at home, and even an overlocker!

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And now today my job involves designing and managing the student website of an online College! I love it. I’m always learning something new, always thinking creatively, always needing to problem solve. Of course, on the side, I’m also learning new crochet tricks, writing patterns and adding to my blog!

Even for my wedding, 6 years ago, I handmade all the wedding stationary *and* the reception center pieces. It was stressful, sure; and probably would’ve been easier to outsource, of course; but I loved every second of it. And it just gave me more opportunities to involve my family and friends in the excitement! (No, I didn’t force them to help out. I wasn’t a ‘bridezilla’. I don’t think…)

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So you’ve probably guessed that I enjoy all types of craft – but did you know that I’ve had a go at many of them too:

  • hand & machine sewing
  • quilting
  • long stitch
  • cross stitch
  • beading & jewellery making
  • scrapbooking
  • painting
  • drawing
  • collage
  • knitting
  • crochet
  • latch hooking
  • french knitting
  • wood & metalwork
  • pottery
  • Lego (although I *have* to follow the instructions!)
  • jigsaw puzzles (surely they count…)
  • cooking & baking (am I getting off topic?)

Just a short list… But just because I’ve tried and (probably) enjoyed it, doesn’t mean I was any good at it. Haha!

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Probably the two crafts that have really captured my heart over the years, is crochet (duh!) and cross stitch. I’m still a sucker for a beautiful cross stitch pattern! I’m always so excited to receive The Fox Collection magazine each month or so, just so I can look at all the amazing cross stitch patterns I wish I owned…  Every now and then I give in and buy some – and now I have a decent pile of unopened cross stitch packs!

Even just today I’ve added a number of cross stitch packs to my list of “desperately wish I could buy”…


Top: Paris Abstract

Middle: London Abstract

Bottom: New York Abstract


Top Left: Snow White

Top Right: Cinderella

Bottom Left: Painting the Roses Red

Bottom Right: Alice in Wonderland

But I have to keep reminding myself of all the unfinished or not-even-started projects I already have laying around the house, that I should probably do before I buy and start anything else… And the photos below don’t even include my crochet stuff!! *sigh*

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What is your favourite craft? What inspires you? If you don’t feel like you’re naturally creative, how do you get your creative juices flowing anyway? Pixel Heart

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