My first ever crochet ‘things’

When I was given Hello Kitty Crochet for Christmas back in 2014, I was soooo excited!  Not just because it was a Hello Kitty ‘thing’ (I *love* all things Hello Kitty) – but because it was a new craft to learn (I’d never crocheted before)!  I’ve always been quite crafty – drawing, painting, beading, cross-stitching, (failing miserably at) knitting – but I’d never tried crochet.  So I went straight to Spotlight to buy some crochet hooks and yarn and, not knowing what the heck I was doing, I just bought the cutest looking hooks and every colour of the softest yarn they had:

Acrylic yarn and bamboo crochet hooks
Bamboo hooks and 70% acrylic 30% wool yarn. Super cute to look at! But not a good choice for a beginner…

But what do I do with it?  Where do I start?  *How* do I start?  I thought I’d ask ol’ faithful first: YouTube; and stumbled across Bella Coco’s amazing videos!  She instantly became my (at that stage, only) favourite crocheter.  I just loved her style, her accent, her colour choices…  Everything!  At first I tried the granny square tutorial but I just couldn’t get the hang of it – which, I now realise, was largely due to my choice in hooks and yarn as a beginner (*I’ll be posting some helpful info soon for beginners about hooks, yarn, stitches…*)

But I’m a pretty determined gal – if I want to know / do / have something, I’ll work my little butt off for it!  So I moved on to the plain half treble (UK) / half double (US) crochet square and tried again.  It worked!  I was actually crocheting!  I was so excited that I drove over to my mum’s place to show her, and she quickly pulled out her crochet skills (of which I had no idea she had any) and we sat and crocheted together for hours…  And I finally finished my first crochet square:

Half double crochet (hdc) squares
From memory, my first finished square was a green one!

I felt so accomplished, I decided I was going to make a giant blanket as my first project! I jumped onto Excel and used a spreadsheet to create different colour pattern options with all the colours I bought in the Jester yarn; and I started to make square after square in all the beautiful colours  …..  Perhaps this was a little ambitious as a beginner though as I still haven’t finished the blanket over 2 years later….

I like to attribute this to my excitement and passion about learning to crochet, that I didn’t want to be stuck with just one type of stitch – I wanted to learn them all!  (You know how I said earlier that I was determined…?  Well I am, but I can also have a short attention span and need to keep learning the next new thing!)

With this revelation, the only sensible thing to do next was to create a Pinterest account and start pinning *all the crochet things*!  As I was madly pinning every free crochet pattern, I came across the Starboard Beanie by Lion Brand.  This was perfect!  A small, quick project that drew on my half-double-crochet skills and taught me some new ones.  But of course the yarn I had wasn’t going to suit the beanie I had in mind, so I headed back to the shops and bought some more – a ‘need’ that you may only understand if you crochet or knit…  And so my second *actually completed* crochet ‘thing’ was born: a starboard brights beanie:

Starboard brights beanie
That’s me wearing my first ever handmade beanie! I was so chuffed.

Do you crochet or have a different hobby?  What was the very first thing/s you ever made or accomplished? Pixel Heart

Would you believe me if I told you that it was because of Hello Kitty that I decided to learn to crochet...? [The Sweetest Geek]

2 thoughts on “My first ever crochet ‘things’”

  1. I crochet too! My first ever make was a baby blanket, made of squares very much like the ones in the photo. It’s terribly addictive and two years later I’m still crocheting goodies any chance I get 🙂


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