How to know what supplies you need to start crocheting

This may very well be my shortest post (kinda) because there’s really not much stopping you from starting to crochet *right now*!  All you need is:

  1. a crochet hook
  2. some yarn
  3. some sharp scissors
  4. a tapestry needle
  5. an easy to follow pattern
  6. Google / Youtube

And that’s it! You can stop reading here if you like: gather your things and give crochet a go…

Or I’ve also added some helpful tips for beginners below; and will be adding lots of helpful How-to posts in the very near future that will really get you off and hooking!

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1. a crochet hook

As a beginner I would steer clear of wooden / bamboo crochet hooks for the moment – this was the mistake I made when I started crocheting because bamboo crochet hooks are so pretty! Start off with an aluminium crochet hook – I bought mine from onshopping5 on eBay. And I would also suggest using the 5.5mm / I9 hook or 6mm / 10J hook first as they’re much thicker making them easier to hold, and they create bigger stitches making them easier to see.

5.5-6mm aluminium crochet hooks

2. some yarn

When it comes to yarn, there are actually many different types: acrylic, wool, cotton… I suggest using a 8 ply (DK / #3) or 10 ply (Worsted / Aran / #4) acrylic yarn to start with, making sure that it’s a solid colour (stay away from the pretty multi-coloured yarns for the moment) and that it’s not black or white (these colours can make it very hard to see the stitches). I love Marvel Soft 8 ply or Marvel 12 ply from Spotlight.

8-ply and 10-ply yarn

3. some sharp scissors

Your scissors need to be sharp enough to cut through any type of yarn you end up using. And I suggest buying a small pair, so that they’re easy to carry around – because, believe me, once you get started you’ll want to be taking your projects with you everywhere! I bought mine from Lincraft.


4. a tapestry needle

Tapestry needles are great as they eye of the needle are usually much bigger than normal sewing needles so it easily fits your yarn, and they’re quite blunt. Now, I say ‘Tapestry Needle’ because that’s my preference – they’re metal and are very hardy; but you can also get ‘Yarn Needles’ used specifically for crochet and knitting, but these are plastic and I personally don’t like the feel of them… The tapestry needles I use are a size 20 for standard size yarn (e.g. the 8 and 10 ply I talked about earlier) and a size 13 for much thicker yarn.

tapestry needles and yarn needles

5. an easy to follow pattern

Finding an appropriate pattern can be the trickiest part of being a crochet beginner – it’s super easy to find free crochet patterns (just check out Pinterest – I *dare* you!), but it’s not so easy to know which one will be easy for you to try out first. So I’ve put together a short list of a few crochet patterns that I tried when I first started out:

6. Google / Youtube / Blogs

Thank goodness for the Internet, huh!? I don’t remember what I used to do before it (actually I probably went to the library, asked other people, read books and magazines…) But these days it’s stupid-easy to find out almost anything you want to know. To help you get started, here is a short list of Youtube channels and Blogs that will be super helpful on your crochet journey:

Be sure to leave any comments, questions or feedback below… Happy crocheting! Pixel Heart

You don’t need much at all to start crocheting *right now*! Let me help you get started... [The Sweetest Geek]

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